Sunday, August 10, 2014

RocksBox Review

Hi there readers, I just wanted to tell you about a subscription box I tried recently. Rocks Box is not your typical subscription box. As a member of Rocks Box you pay $20 a month and what happens is, you get a box with 3 pieces of designer jewelry. These are chosen by a stylist based on a quick style quiz that you take on the website, designed to get to know what kind of pieces you like. So you get your 1st box, and you can decide what you like , wear it for as long as you return it whenever you are ready, so long as you are paying your monthly fee. You can also decide to buy any piece that you love and just can't live without. Your 3rd option is that if you don't like something or if you wore it once or a couple times and now you want something else, you just send it back, they give you a prepaid label to stick right to the envelope the box came it, it is super simple. Also, on your account page you can rate the pieces that they sent so that they can fine tune their picks for your next box. As soon as they get your jewelry they ship you out new pieces to try. You can potentialy exchange as many times in a month as you want to. It's pretty cool. I got my first box with a free trial code, and when my box came I liked all 3 of my pieces...a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. I wore them out, and now I am sending them back to try 3 more. I want to see a bunch of things my first month so that I can see if continuing the box will be for me, so far so good. The service is super easy to use. The jewelry is beautiful, and they seem really easy to work with. If you have a problem and something gets broken, they say just return it and they will take care of it. I wish I had thought of taking pics before I sealed up my box, lol but I guess you will have to take my word for this one. So far, I'm loving it. If you want to check out Rocks Box just head over to their website.

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