Friday, November 20, 2015

Silicone Bib Review

These silicone bibs are great for so many reasons. Babies are messy little things, especially when they are eating. You end up with food everywhere. On their clothes, on the floor and table and of course on their face. While nothing is going to stop all of this from happening, these bibs do a better job than your run of the mill bib for a number of reasons.
1. These are made from a waterproof silicone, what this means is that they are really easy to wash. They don't have to be laundered, just washed quickly with soap and water, or Todd them in the dishwasher. No spills are going to sleep through this material it's thick and solid.
2. They are designed with a pocket to catch food that may have otherwise fallen into your baby's lap or on the floor.
3. They have an adjustable neck strap which makes it quick and simple to fit comfortably to your baby's neck.

These are really great quality and will last. They are durable, they won't rip or tear, but at the same time, they are soft and comfortable for your baby to wear. I thought these bibs were innovative and addressed a lot of common issues of a normal bib and made it better.If you want to try out some of these bibs, you can find them on Amazon Here.

I received this product for free for my honest review.

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