Friday, November 20, 2015

Beauty Oils All Natural Restorative Shaving Oil Review

This is a nice alternative to shaving cream. I am naturally dry skinned so to add this moisturizing oil to my shaving routine has really added moisture to my skin. This is an all natural product, so that's great. It will protect your skin from shaving. It's infused with peppermint and rosemary, so not only does it have a great minty smell but it will disinfect and invigorate your skin.

 It also has vitamin E to nourish your skin. It's made with all natural plant based oils. This is easy to use in place of your normal shaving cream, which is kind of nice because you don't have to continually rinse shaving cream out of your razor, and your skin absorbs the oil, which is a great moisturizer.It worked just as well as a normal shaving cream, but with the added benefits I mentioned above. I was pleasantly surprised with this oil.If you'd like to try some of this shaving oil, you can find it on Amazon Here.

I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review.

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