Sunday, July 19, 2015

White Door Stopper Wedge Review

This is a product that everyone needs in their home at one time or another. It's a great product to have on hand for the time when you might need it. These white door stoppers come in a pack of five, so you have enough for a lot of the rooms in your home.  They are one of the tallest door stops on the market, so they'll fit under most doors.

 If you have a package of these, you'll never have to buy another door stop again. These high friction rubber door stops will keep your doors securely open. Most of us have experienced a strong cross breeze blowing your doors shut hard, and it makes you jump. These door stops will keep those slamming door from hurting your kids or pets because they will strongly hold your doors in place. They can be used on any surface.

The smooth rubber won't scratch your floors. They are very strong and sturdy, and withstand a lot of force. These can really come in handy. There are so many reasons you might need to use one of these, so whatever your reason is,  why not get a package for yourself. You can find them on Amazon Here.

I received this product for free for my honest review.

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