Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nail Buffers : Hearts and Flowers Review

Hey everyone. I wanna tell you about a great buy. I recently got to try out this lot of 72 nail buffers. These nail buffers  are so adorable. They are all in the shape of hearts and Flowers, with various fun girly colors and designs on them. The lot comes with 9 buffers of each design that are all individually wrapped.

Each buffer has 2 sides with different grits. Use the 240 grit designed side first to smooth the surface of the nail and then finish with the 600 grit, pink side for a shiny finish. This set could have so many great uses. You get a great price for this lot and they could be used in so many ways. I had the idea of using them as part of a slumber party or girls birthday party gift bag, or even for your bridal party. You could hand them out for girls for Halloween, or as part of a gift. These buffers are a compact size of no bigger than 2 inches wide and will easily fit into a purse or goody bag. These are so fun and colorful, they'll be great for girls of all ages. They are made in the USA of quality materials.There is so much you could do with these, and they create a beautiful finish on your nails so be sure to keep some for yourself. If you wanna get in on this great deal, you can find them on amazon Here.

I received this product for free for my honest review.

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