Friday, March 27, 2015

Cotton Guitar Strap Review

I am somewhat of a novice guitar player, who has been learning slowly over a number of years. I was lucky enough to be given a beautiful guitar by my uncle to continue. So I wanted a great guitar strap to practice stand up playing. This guitar strap is made of soft cotton so it doesn't irritate your skin, however it's also thick and strong with a tight weave. It doesn't dig into your shoulder, which is great, but it also doesn't slip off constantly. I find that to be a common problem. It has a solid construction to make it last. It's a simple design that will go with any guitar. It's a good fit for most men and women because it's adjustable with a simple movable plastic slide. I was very happy with this strap. It's easy to use and comfortable to wear and just what I was looking for. 
I I received this product for my honest review.

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