Sunday, January 18, 2015

Easy@Home Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Review.

This box set of 50 ovulation and 20 pregnancy tests is designed for women who are trying to have a baby. The ovulation tests give you a good way to predict your most fertile days, even when your cycle length varies, and the pregnancy tests tells you if you're pregnant before a missed period. These tests are extremely easy to use, you simply collect urine in a container , and dip the test up to a clearly marked line for 3 seconds and then lay it flat. It works the same for both types of test. They are very simple to read. One line and you are not pregnant, or not ovulating, depending on which strip you are using. Two lines, and you are. These tests results are 99.8% accurate. The tests all come in one small box. They are clearly marked and color coded. They are also super compact and small so the whole box takes up very little room.

There is a simple diagram on the box that tells you how to use both tests, and there are plenty of both to last while you are trying for a baby. We all know how expensive just one test can be, so this is a great alternative if you are trying to get pregnant and are testing more often. One great kit for only $21.99 and that's about how much you might pay for 2 good pregnancy tests. It's a great deal, and very convenient. I used both tests, and they were simple and worked well, with very clear results. I am not pregnant, but I am closer to understanding my ovulation cycle. If you would like to get this set you can find it on Amazon here.

I received this product for free for my honest review.

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