Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hey there readers...today I'm gonna talk about a site called Bloominous.com . Bloominous is a site that is dedicated to making Do It Yourself Flowers easy. The floral designers at Bloominous are also everyday people with a passion for DYI projects, so they know what we as consumers are looking for. The projects at Bloominous are designed to be beautiful, and easy to arrange so that you can successfully create flowers for your wedding.

While these are DYI projects, you won't have to go out and gather materials. Bloominous makes this part easy for us by providing us with all of the necessary ingredients to create beautiful arrangements. The flowers are cut- to- order, de-thorned, trimmed and hydrated with nutrients for the trip to your house. The kits also come with step by step instructions to walk you through the whole process.They have several Themed collections of beautiful floral arrangements for your event and in my opinion they are all gorgeous and unique. I think the idea of DIY flowers for you wedding is personal and fun.

With Bloominous brides will be able to save 30% to 50 % off of their original floral budget. Each piece is priced without the 300% markup you get from a wedding florist.  Bloominous guarantee's the freshness and quality of their ingredients, so if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, they will replace it or give you a refund.

 If you have a wedding to plan, be sure to check out Bloominous.com for your floral needs.

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