Saturday, January 21, 2017

Car Power Inverter Review

I love to have a power inverter in my car, for so many reasons. It's great to have when your on a long trip. You can plug in anything you would use at home to make it more convenient. It's great for camping, if your not a person that likes to do everything over a fire. For the longest time I had an mp3 player that needed to be rugged into the wall to charge, so I used an inverter to use it in my car. This inverter is great because not only does it have 2 three prong outlets, but it has a long cord that will reach to the back seat for the kids. It's equipped with 2 usb outlets for charging your devices. It also has a cigarette lighter slot, so you don't loose one when you plug this in. It even has an attachment on the bottom, so they you can attach it to the floor, and still be able to secure it or move it around. This is an excellent quality product, that works great. It is so useful. Buy it now!

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