Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Doodletopia Faries by Christopher Hart Review

I love to draw, weather it's drawing from life or fantasy. It's relaxing, fun and inspiring. I love to practice honing my creative instrument. I was excited to try this fun book by Christopher Hart, Doodletopia Fairies.Christopher Hart is a best-selling author of drawing and cartooning books.He's sold over 6 million copies.This book is great for anyone from kids and teens to adults. It's fun and cute. It would make a great gift idea, especially if you know someone who loves fairies. The book is focused on learning to draw cute whimsical cartoon fairies. The author makes the process simple, so you can be a beginner artist, and catch on easily. The first thing you learn is to draw the heads and faces. The process is broken down for you in steps and shapes. It's very simple.

 It shows you male and female fairies.Then it gives you  started shapes and let's you finish them and make them your own. They show you how to draw them from different views and in several different styles. It even has separate sections for learning hairstyles, ears and antennae. The next section moves on to bodies. Again, it's broken down step by step and from several views. Again you get male and female bodies. There's another wonderful section about clothing and accessories. These are broken down into great styles like sporty, formal, and woodland. There's a focus on hats and tiaras, and as in every section,, aces for you to draw. There's a whole section on wings and flying poses. It has many different fun styles.There's even a section about giving the fairies personality, for instance, hopeless romantic and wicked. You also learn about giving your fairies a touch of magic, with wands, and magic powers. There are even musical instruments.The last chapter focuses on drawing fairy dwellings. There are some great tree houses, castles and More. This book is so much fun. Your kids will love it but so will you. There are lots of helpful tips, spaces to draw and easy instructions, making this whimsical, interactive book, a great way to spend your time, relax and have a little fun. I really enjoyed it.  To find out more, or get this book for yourself or for a gift, you can check out this Link.

I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review.

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