Thursday, October 6, 2016

Unique Pretzels Review

I was able to try several flavors and styles of unique pretzels, and let me tell you there isn't a bad one in the bunch.Unique pretzels has a variety of pretzels, something for everyone. Their pretzel shells and pretzel splits are the 2 main styles. Shells are like large pretzel sticks but they are hollow inside. This gives them a unique airy crunch. You have the best part of the pretzel, and they leave out the inside which is sometimes too dry. Splits are your original shaped pretzels, these are baked in such a way that it creates bubbles and crevices where you get a lot of flavor and crunch. The great part about both of these unique pretzels is that they are cholesterol free, trans fat free, and all natural, what could be better? Just one thing, they taste great. The splits come in original, multigrain, extra dark, extra salt, and unsalted. If you like a lot of flavor, the shells have the "Flavor shocked" flavors. You can try tangy ranch, bacon cheddar, honey mustard, and buffalo. These shells are soaked in flavor. They are all truly awesome. I loved all of the flavors, my favorite was the tangy ranch. I also loved the multigrain splits. If you're very health conscious, though the pretzels I've already mentioned a definitely a healthy snack, if you want to take it further they also offer the splits and shells in the Sprouted variety. These are still cholesterol free, trans fat free and all natural, but you get the added bonus of them being digestive friendly, diabetic friendly, heart healthy, lactose free, sugar free, high fiber, kosher and vegan. By just using 4 ingredients these give you a truly healthy option. The splits and shells also come in convenient snack sized bags for your convenience.
These are all truly unique snacks. I really loved that they had to.s of choices each unique and delicious. They truly do have something for everyone. I am a shells fan for sure.. I love the flavors. Everyone in my family loved these pretzels, and I can rest assured knowing they are a healthy alternative with no lack of flavor. I couldn't be happier. These pretzels are available on Amazon Here.

I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review.

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