Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fruit Infuser Bottle Review

I love infuser bottles, such an epic idea. You can not only add great light flavor to your water but you can also add nutrients from fruits or veggies. There are tons of amazing flavor combinations.This bottle is especially great, for a bunch of reasons.

1. It's really easy to use, just fill the infuser with your favorite combo of fruit veggies or herbs and twist the top back on.

2. It's large.This is a 32 oz. Bottle. This is great because you don't have refill as often.

3.Its a 2 in 1 bottle. You can take the infuser out and have plain water, or use it with the infuser. I prefer a flavorful water to spice up my 8 glasses a day.

4.This is made of a strong shatter proof plastic, so even if you drop it this bottle won't break.
5. The bottle has rubber non slip grips on the side ,so your less likely to drop it.

6. It has a convenient carrying loop so it's easy to bring with you on a walk or to the gym.

7. It's dishwasher safe as long as you put it on the top rack. It's easy to disassemble to wash.

8.Finally my favorite feature is that this bottle has a nice attached cover that covers the mouth hole. This opens with a button and a stopwatch.This makes it nice and secure for travel.

I really loved this bottle.I love my fruit infused water and this bottle does it well.If you want to jazz up your water you can find one of these on AmazonHere.

I received this product for free for my honest review.

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