Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Handcuffs Review

This is a nice quality set of handcuffs. These cuffs will not rust. They are very strong and durable. They have a double locking feature to prevent nerve damage or loss of circulation. They come with a great case that can hook on to your utility belt. This may come I'll n handy for a security guard or something similar. They are great to have on hand for emergency situations or with the era of 50 shades of grey, there are plenty of possibilities.
These cuffs are built with a triple hinged design which restricts movement and gives more control. There are 2 universal keys included. These cuffs are built differently than your normalised of cuffs. They keep the hands close together. They open and close easily with the key but are very secure when being worn. They are not painful to wear, but do keep a firm hold. I think these are great quality cuffs that are easy to use and simple to store away in their own nice case.

I received this product for free from my honest unbiased review.

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