Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hand Painted Wine Glasses Review

While I don't drink wine all the time, I do like to enjoy it on occasion and I  have a collection of pretty painted wine glasses for special occasions some of which I painted myself. These hand painted wine glasses are so pretty. They are painted in a way that looks a lot like stained glass, in a variety of beautiful colors. My glasses were very pretty. They did however have a little bit of overlap between colors, minor imperfections, but nothing that really takes away too much on the beauty of the glasses.

These are very large and solid glasses. They are mouth blown glasses which are designed and hand painted in Paris. They are designed to let the wine breathe, which makes each sip delicious and aromatic. These glasses come in a set of two and each one is a work of art. They will make your table setting look beautiful and sophisticated. They are comfortable to hold, and sturdy while also being beautiful to look at. These glasses would make a wonderful gift for a wedding I ng, anniversary, birthday or any other occasion. They have everything I would want in a set of glasses; durability, beauty, and functionality. If you want to get a set of these beautifully hand crafted glasses for yourself or your favorite wine lover,  you can find them on Amazon here.

I received this product for free for my honest review.

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