Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Foaming Mousse Dog Shampoo Review

My dog, like most dogs, is not so fond of getting a bath, but like most dogs she  gets  pretty smelly without one. You want your dog to smell fresh and clean, especially if she's a spoiled dog that's allowed on the furniture like mine. This dog shampoo is unlike any I have ever seen.

 It's a natural formula derived from coconut. It's mild and safe for sensitive skin. This shampoo makes bath time simple and easy because all you have to do is simply rub this foam shampoo into your dog's hair, there's no rinsing. This keeps your dog smelling fresh in between the big baths. It's great for traveling. This shampoo is more economical and environmentally friendly than wipes and it's not in a spray bottle that might scare your dog.This is a pump bottle that turns this liquid into a foam that you run into your dog's coat. I find that the foam method makes it go a long way.  The shampoo doesn't just mask the door but actually cleans. This shampoo smells so good, and my dog smelled great for at least a week. This stuff is so easy and my dog liked it much better than a bath. The shampoo is made in the USA with quality ingredients, and most importantly, it is cruelty free. If you'd like to try this great dog shampoo, you can find it on Amazon Here.

I received this product for free for my honest review.

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