Friday, August 28, 2015

Azure Naturals Ocean Minerals Products Review and Giveaway

Azure Naturals is a company that I've tried many products from in the past and now I am excited to tell you about their latest skincare products from the Ocean Minerals line.
These products contain 90 powerful oceanic minerals, micro minerals, vitamins and vital nutrients to help repair, nourish and rejuvenate your skin. The goal is to give you healthy skin and a youthful glow. These products are formulated to work together to make each one more effective than if it was used alone. These products make my skin feel fantastic. It's soft, smooth and soothed by the cooling effect the products provide. These products are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

Now a little about each product......

Organic Facial Cleanser 

This cleanser uses the micro minerals to nourish your skin, repair skin lesions, dry skin, blemishes and rough skin. It contains Vitamin E and Rose Hip Seed Oil to help with discoloration and repair scarring. This cleanser is in a pump bottle so it's really easy to use. It smells really great, and has a cooling effect on your skin. It pumps out as a gel and then when you rub it into your skin it foams up. It rinses away easily and doesn't leave any residue. After I use it my skin feels fresh and clean.This is in a larger bottle than most cleansers, so it will last a long time.You can find this product on Amazon here.

Organic Facial Toner

This toner helps to repair and rejuvenate your skin. Irish Moss and Kelp(algae) stabilizes the minerals that deeply moisturize and brighten your skin. Your skin will feel healthier and softer and you'll have a glow.This toner is in an easy to use spray form Its also a large bottle that will last a while. Unlike all of the other toners that I have used before, this toner doesn't have a strong alcohol smell. It smells just as wonderful as the cleanser.It absorbs quickly into your skin and doesn't feel sticky or sting at all.
You can find this product on Amazon here

Seaweed Hydration Mask

This seaweed mask  has all the nourishing and anti aging  properties of the other products. It rejuvenated and repairs your skin with ocean minerals. A little of this large jar goes a long way. This mask is white, not like some other masks that make you look like some crazy creature from the lagoon. It's rich and creamy and goes on smooth. It has a great cooling effect. It feels great on your skin and stays cool as it dries. When I rinse my skin feels fresh and tightened.You can find this product on Amazon here.

Organic Hydration Creme

This moisturizer is full of anti aging vitamins and nutrients that help repair and nourish your skin.Aloe Vera and Hyaluroniv acid deeply moisturize your skin.Blue green algae repairs and replaces tissues and Irish Moss supports your skins natural moisture barrier. This moisturizer comes in  an easy to use pump bottle. It absorbs easily and cools the skin. It makes my skin feel soft and has the same fragrant scent as the other products.You can find this product on Amazon here.

I received these products for free for my honest unbiased review.

One lucky reader will have the chance to win the whole line...just enter below. Azure Naturals Ocean Minerals Skin Care System

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