Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey there readers, well I am a bit behind, what with the holidays and everything that comes with them, but here we go...time to catch up hehe. I have 2 months worth or Birchboxes to tell you about. So first we'll talk about my December Birchbox.
    So this month's Birch box had some great items to tell you about...
Lait-creme 24 hour miracle cream from Embryolisse: This little moisturizer that moonlights as a makeup remover and primer runs 16 bux for a full size tube. I just got a small amount, so I can't tell you about long term effects of moisturizing with it, but I can tell you that it's really rich, it feels great on, and also I did try it as a makeup remover too and it's gentle on the eyes which has been a problem I've had with other makeup removers, and works great.
Pink Glace Moisturizing Lip Gloss from Jouer:This was a cute little mini lip gloss in a sparkly light pink had a nice little sheen and felt good on...I'm not a huge fan of the shimmer glosses but it was pretty if you like some sparkle on your can get a full size version for 20 bux.
Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat milk from Klorane: You can get a full size product for 18 dollars. I'm a big fan of dry shampoo, whether your hair gets oily in between washes and you need a little help in the roots, or you just want to add a little texture and or lift to your roots, this stuff works great. This brand seems great, and smelled great.
Body soap from Sumbody: You can get a 3 pack of these guys for 17.85. It's all natural, infused with botanical oils and I will tell you it smells wonderful.
chocopod from chuao:You can get and 8 pack of assorted chocopods for 9.95. This was was a little chocolate bar that was similar to a crackle except that it had some real crackle in it ..almost like poprocks...very cool.
      So that was my December box..let me know if anyones tried Birchbox and if you got the same things or something different. I just got my January Birchbox today, so I will let you know very soon what I got and how great it is. Also I started receiving Ipsy boxes last month..which is very similar but they are full sized products. I'll let you know more about that soon. Thanks for listening.

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