Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Deer Stand Cushion Review

My boyfriend is a hunter, so I decided to get this for him to use in his tree stand.People often think it's strange that I am a vegetarian, dating a hunter, which it is, but we make it work.   This seat is made from rugged material, that's in a great camouflage print that will blend right into your tree. It's made well to be durable and strong. This seat starts out in a folded position which has handles, making it easy to carry.

 It's very lightweight, so it will be easy to carry up the tree with you. It folds out giving you a cushioned seat and back. When you're in the woods all day it can get pretty uncomfortable, so this makes it a little easier. The cushions are lightly padded, not making them too thick and bulky. Keep in mind that this is not a big squishy cushion, it's just a bit of padding, so you get a little more comfort, but don't loose the lightweight portability of it. It gives you something to lean back on so you can actually rest your back. The back and seat are held in an upright position by 2 adjustable straps so you can get right in your personal comfort zone.

 It's very easy to use. There's also a large pocket in the back where you could store things, but I also think you could slide in an extra cushion. This is a nice, well constructed, functional hunting seat that will make your day a little more comfortable. My boyfriend is looking forward to trying it during hunting season.You can find this product on Amazon Here.

I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review

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