Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Insta Cure Neck Pain Relief Pad Review

This is a simple design but it can be effective.I have frequent migraines and neck pain, so I thought this was the perfect fir for me. If you have a headache or neckache, you can simply place this cradle behind your head and rest comfortably. I can see how this can help. It simply puts you in a position where your spine is more correctly aligned. I supports your head and neck, and stretches your spine, relieving tension. Its certainly safe, and natural. 

You can use it very easily. The only thing I found is that, the instructions say to put it against a hard surface, and most places that I'm going to be sitting for a while and able to use it, are not necessarily condusive to this. It did relieve my pain while I was using it. I could feel the gentle stretch of my spine, and it is comfortable to use. It is a little bit large for storing, but it;s light weight. It would probably be great in the car. Its not all that portable, and you never know when a headache might strike, but it's great for home use. It does help. You can find this product on Amazon here.

I recieved this product for free for my honest unbiased review.

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