Sunday, December 27, 2015

Chomps Snack Sticks

Chomps Snack Sticks are a great new healthy snack. They are a brand new meat stick that is actually pretty healthy. These are gaining popularity with people who eat a gluten free or paleo diet.  The reason is because Chomps uses 100% grass fed beef which is raised with no antibiotics. The sticks are cured naturally. They are free from nitrates, and msg. They use celery juice for natural preservation. They contain no artificial ingredients. They are gluten free and they come in some great unique flavors. 
 Now for the most important part right, because we'd all love our snacks to be healthier, but they still have to taste good. I happen to be a vegetarian, so I did a taste test with the whole family.

My boyfriend was impressed he thought they were very tasty, meaty and flavorful. His favorite was the Hoppin' Jalepano flavor. He's usually very hard to impress with healthy snacks. 
My boyfriend's daughter is 12. She tried the original flavor and wasn't impressed but then again, I don't think meat sticks are something she really favors to begin with. She said it was squishy, so she wasn't a fan of the texture.
My boyfriend's son is 17 and he tried the original flavor. He's somewhat of a meat connoisseur. He thought they were great. He never would have know that they were a healthy snack, which is good because usually he wouldn't try it if he knew. 

They all thought the Crankin Cran flavor  sounded strange, but my boyfriend and his daughter tried it for testing purposes and while my boyfriend wasn't much of a fan, his daughter liked this flavor and ate the whole thing, and then another one. She liked the spiciness of this flavor. 
I love that these are a healthy snack in a new category, that could be  liked by various different types of people. I used these as stocking stuffers, but they are great to have on hand to offer the kids a new variety of healthy snack. You can find out more and get these products on there website at

I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review. 

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