Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bamboo Fiber Crib Matress Pad Protector Review

I recently was able to try out this bamboo fiber waterproof baby mattress protector pad.Bamboo fiber is known to be antibacterial, antiodor and of course the most important thing, ,safe and soft for your baby's skin. This pad is very versatile, it can be used for a crib pad, changing pad cover, or baby mattress protector.

 The material is very soft, and comes in beautiful soft colors. It's just the right size for a crib, 30x20in, but it could be used to put down anywhere that you are laying your baby down for a nap. You can travel with it easily. It could also be used as a changing pad if you are on the go. I think it would be great to carry with you in your diaper bag, or to leave in place in your baby's crib. It provides great protection against  fluids, urine, sweat, allergens, dust mites and bacteria. It is 100% waterproof, so you can really trust that wherever you put this pad down, it will be protected. The super soft material stays soft after many washes. It is odor resistant and bacteria resistant. The pad is durable with a 3 layer construction , with soft bamboo fiber surface, noiseless water proof barrier, and a super absorbent bamboo fiber liner.  It can be easily machine washed. I think this is a great product for any mom. If you'd like to try one , you can find it on Amazon here

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