Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Greenwald's Cleaning Products Review

I'm lucky to have been able to try 3 products from this great company, Greenwalds all purpose citrus cleaner, Greenwalds  carpet and fabric stain remover, and Greenwalds glass and hard surface cleaner. The unique part about all of these products is that they come in a comp a ctrl and concentrated package. You get a small plastic container with 6 tiny packets of concentrated cleaner.
These products are so simple to use, all you do is drop one of these packets  into a 32 oz spray bottle and fill it with warm water. Now wait 60 seconds and shake the bottle. The packet completely dissolves on its own with no need to cut or open the packet. This makes it great to consolidate space while having a lot of back up cleaning products that will last for a long time. They are 30-70% less expensive than top all purpose cleaning brands. It is environmentally friendly, because you never have to throw away your spray bottle, you are constantly recycling it.  I think that is fantastic. Now, here are some of the benefits of each of these products.

 All Purpose Citrus Cleaner

This product is more powerful than traditional all purpose cleaners. It has a nice citrus scent. It works great even with your toughest jobs.
You can find this product on Amazon here.

Carpet and Fabric Stain Remover

It's more powerful than traditional stain removers. It works great on stains on carpet, fabric or upholstery. It gets to the root of stains  like pet urine, wine, coffee, food, blood, grease, or pretty much anything else.You can find this product of Amazon here.

Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner

It's more powerful than traditional glass cleaner. It removes the toughest dirt and water spots. It doesn't leave behind any film or haze. It leaves your glass and surfaces shiny and clean.You can find this product on Amazon here.

I suggest you try all of these innovative cleaning products. They are strong, space saving and amazing.

I received these products for free for my honest review.

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