Monday, July 13, 2015

#BehindTheBlogger : My Whole World

I'm back with another round of #BehindTheBlogger writing prompts, designed to help you get to know your favorite bloggers better. This time around our topic is My Whole World.  I've thought for a while about how I would interpret this topic. I think I finally decided that, for me, this is about all of the things that make up my world, personally.So here they are:

1. Love: A huge part of my world is my best friend, and my love. He is a sweet funny guy who makes me laugh everyday. We have our ups and downs navigating all of the issues that come along with a blended family life. I also try to give a lot of love in my life. I want to build people up instead of bringing people down. I've had many people in my life tear me down, and I don't ever want to take part in making anyone feel the way I have felt. I put a lot of love into my relationships.

2. Family:  I grew up with a huge extended family, and we were very close. My cousins were my best friends. My family always got together on holidays. We would sing, play instruments and have a lot of fun. I still love to get together with my family. I'm very close to my mom, she's like my best friend. I definitely don't see my family enough these days, because I live kind of far away. I don't get to see any of them as much as I'd like to. I've also had plenty of family struggles, big ones. Those times hurt, but in a way they show you how strong you are and how your family can pull together to get through them.

3. Music: Music is essential to my life, and my well being. It has always been a huge part of my life.I feel it deeply, and relate to it. I love to write lyrics and I love connecting to a good lyric. Music can improve or enhance any mood I'm feeling. I've always loved to sing, it's one thing in my life I feel confident about.Music is a key component in my world in so many ways.

4. Art: Art has been part of my world throughout my life. I have always loved to create, and have always done some form of art. When I was young my grandmother always did crafty things with us. My family is full of great artists. These days I'm really into art journaling, abstract painting, jewelry making and tons of other things. I will always be a creative spirit.

5. Self Discovery: I am always growing and learning, because if your not moving forward then you are stagnating. I want to be the best person I can. The most reasonable and self aware. I have come a long way in my life, but there is always room to grow and learn.

  • There are so many small things in my life but  this should give you a big glimpse at who I am and what I'm all about. As always, I've enjoyed sharing with you all with this #BehindTheBlogger blog hop. Thanks for reading.

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