Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Baby Car Seat Cover Review

I'm sure all of my mommy readers out there have experienced a situation where you could use this car seat cover. You are carting your baby around in a car seat at all times of day, including naptime and if the sun is shining right in your baby's eyes then that's not going to go over very well. What about the harsh wind in colder times of the year. You want your baby protected from these things. A lot of mommies will throw a blanket over the top of the car seat, but then it's constantly falling off. This car seat cover is a beautiful , stylish and effective way to solve this problem.

This cover is soft enough to double as a blanket. It has a beautiful grey chevron pattern. It is equipped with Velcro  straps to hold your cover in place, and fits all brands of car seats. It is machine washable with a blend of polyester and cotton.
 It also comes with a stroller clip, free, which can attach your purse, diaper bag, and more to your stroller. This car seat cover is a great addition to any mommy's arsenal. If you'd like to get one for your little one, you can find it on Amazon Here.

I received this product for free for my honest review.

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