Monday, June 29, 2015

#BehindTheBlogger: My Kinda Freedom

Once again I'm excited to be participating in this great #BehindTheBlogger blog hop, where you can get to know your favorite bloggers a little better. This weeks topic is "My Kind Of Freedom".
    My Kind of freedom is freedom of expression. I love to express myself through art and writing. I find it therapeutic to pour my emotions into creating art and poetry. It relaxes me and eases stress. My newest love is art journaling. There are no limits, I can create any and all of the craziness that goes on inside my head, and it combines 2 of my loves, art, and writing.
      I've been writing poetry since I was 10 years old. I love to write and create emotional work. Anything that evokes a strong emotion anytime I read it is something I'm proud of. I also have always loved to create art in all kinds of mediums. I have done some detailed work in my life, landscapes, portraits, but my heart is in abstract art. It is full of emotion, and creativity, like myself. I can just put any emotion I'm feeling into an abstract piece of art, and it's a powerful thing.
  Freedom is so open to interpretation. There are  so many ways we can experience freedom. To have the freedom to just be myself and experience life in the way that makes me happy is one of the best things in life. I hope all of you are living free to be you and to enjoy your life and the things you love.

#BehindTheBlogger Sidebar Button Thank you for reading a story from #BehindTheBlogger Hop. Every 2 weeks a group of bloggers is given a writing prompt. These prompts are very open ended, so our bloggers can write about whatever they desire. The main rule is that their blog post directly relates to the topic of that week. The point of this hop is for our readers to get to know us on a personal level. Please hop along and read all of the blog posts in this weeks hop. Just click the links below. If you want real and raw emotion, then you will find it here. After you read each post, please comment and share. We want to get to know you too!

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