Friday, May 29, 2015

Poems of Emptiness by Fonda J Kerr Review

This is a beautiful collection of poems. It is emotional and haunting. The author has bravely spilled her soul onto the page in this book, taking us into a dark spiral of sadness, and anger. I can personally relate to some of the pain in these poems, and I find beauty in tears and pain. I think the collection exposes the author. It's so brave that she put herself out there in such a creative way. The poems draw you in and make you empathize with the author, and relate it with your own pain. This could be too dark for some, but I thought the poetry was honest and well written. It definitely makes an impact on the reader, and I think that is the main purpose of creative writing. If you'd like to read this powerful collection, you can find it on Amazon Here.

I received this book for free for my honest review.

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