Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Dessange Vox Box from Influenster

I was lucky enough to receive the Dessange Vox Box from Influenster, and was able to try a line of Dessange hair care products. Specifically, I tried the California Blonde Illuminating Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Brass Color Correcting treatment. These products are specifically designed  to moisturize and protect color treated blonde hair. They are enriched with passion flower extract, to make your blonde hair radiant and luminous. They also help to keep your blonde color from becoming dull or faded. The shampoo cleanses your hair gently and enhances shine, color radiance and softness.The nourishing conditioner moisturized from root to tip and smoothes dry hair.The 3rd step is a weekly in-house treatment with Linseed oil and blue coloring that neutralizes craziness in your color and nourishes your hair. I love hair products that are specifically designed for color treated hair, because you need the extra moisture. I've always been a fan of blue shampoo, like this treatment, because it goes a long way to correcting the craziness you can sometimes get when coloring your hair blonde. I was very happy with this line of hair care products. They smell great. The shampoo works up a great lather. I found I needed a bit more of the conditioner than usually, but I do have long hair. My hair feels soft and is very shiny. My blonde still looks great. I'm really glad I got to try these great products. These products are available at Target if you'd like to try them out.


  1. I've never heard of the blue coloring for blonde hair. I will have to recommend this to my sister! Thanks for the review!

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    Diana Cloudlet