Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kinetics Knee Pain Relief Support Brace

I had a knee injury years ago, and my knee has never been the same. It frequently causes me pain during all sorts of activity. This knee brace is for support in your daily life to provide relief from knee pain, while staying active. The brace is very sturdy and strong. It's made from a stretchable neoprene. The material doesn't irritate your skin. It's comfortable to wear and it promotes healing by retaining heat. The brace gives you support and provides you with stability, when you have a weak knee. It has a padded ring around the knee cap to keep your knee comfortably in place,without allowing a lot of excess movement. This is an adjustable brace with Velcro closures. It's very easy to use, and comfortable to wear.I found it easier to be active without fear of instability, or fear of my knee twisting or turning in a way that could cause pain. I was very happy with the support it gave me and the quality of the brace. If you'd like to try it, you can find it on Amazon here.

I received this product for free for my honest review.

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