Monday, December 15, 2014

Liztek Vertical Hard Drive Docking Station Review

If you haven't ever tried one of these Hard drive encasements before, then you are missing so much. I don't know if every one is like me, but I have had a few different computers in my life, and have had more than 1 mishap where the whole computer dies and I lost all of my information: pictures, music, documents. This is like the worst thing that can happen. Am I right? Well it was for me, until I found one of these gadgets. So, first of all, if this does happen to you, and you think all is lost, whatever you do, don't just toss that old computer. Open it up, and take out that hard drive, because this device will solve your problem. I have tried a couple of these because, one important thing to know is that depending on which kind of hard drive you have you'll need a specific type. This one is the best and easiest one I have used. So  here's the deal, all you have to do is pop in your hard drive, plug it into the wall, and plug it in to your computer via usb cord, and voila, now you have access to all the information on your hard drive. You can put the files on your new computer, or you can use this as a portable hard drive and plug it into any computer, effectively giving you a place to back up and store all of your important documents. It's fantastic. The vertical design of this specific product makes it so easy to use. I have used one in the past with a horizontal design and it would shake loose, but this one makes it so easy and secure. This one simple device is invaluable. Let's face it, it is inevitable that at some point we will all face this problem and find this useful and even if you don't this is a simple way just to add more storage to your computer. I would highly recommend this. It was so easy to connect, and worked fast, and efficiently. This is specifically for a SATA hard drive, so just make sure you know which type of hard drive you have before you invest in one of these.If you want to get one of these life savers for yourself you can find it on Amazon here.
I received this product for free for my honest review, but all of my opinions are unbiased and I only recommend products that are good for my readers.

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