Monday, September 26, 2016

Bright Outdoors Picnic Set Review

This is a really cute set. It comes with everything you need to have a picnic. You can keep this in your car so that you can have a spur of the moment picnic at any time.The set comes in a very nice zippered case that keeps everything organized.

You get plates, nice utensils with wooden handles, a cheese knife, cheese cutting board, wine opener, and cloth napkins. Its all secured with elastic straps. This isn't just a set for a casual meal. It has all the makings of a classy romantic picnic. All of the pieces are high quality. The case is rugged. This could also be great for camping or hiking. It's a wonderful set.You can find it on Amazon Here.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Makeup Brush Holder Review

I recently got a set of these oval makeup brushes that are so popular recently, so I thought it would be great to have this brush holder. The brush holder has a hole for each brush in the set, and the bottom piece has holes to hold the bottoms of the brushes in place. The holder is very easy to assemble. It even comes with a tiny screwdriver to put it together. It holds the brushes nicely. 

The holder is made of hard clear plastic which goes perfectly with all of my other acrylic makeup holders. This keeps my brushes separated and safe from getting squished. The only issue I had is that it takes up more surface area than I have to spare on my vanity, but that's because I have so much stuff, also the mastic came a bit scuffed up, and scratched. I did think this was a useful brush holder that works very well.You can find it on Amazon Here.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

#BehindTheBlogger : When You Love Someone

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The topic for this Behind The Blogger Hop is "When you love someone" and this such a loaded topic, especially with some of the things happening in my life lately. This topic comes at a strangely symbolic time for me. Ill start by saying that when I love somebody, I give everything I have to that person. I put so much  of myself into that relationship, so much so that I sometimes lose myself and forget that someone should be doing the same for me. That's usually not the case, unfortunately. Let's face it, people can be selfish. When I love someone, and invest  my heart and time into them, I do everything in my power to make it work and work hard to fix the rough patches. I hang on and keep trying, sometimes to my detriment. I'm a communicator, so I like to talk things out and then move on. I notoriously put myself last, and focus on the person I love. I usually end up feeling neglected and not cared for because the other person doesn't work as hard to do the same. When I love someone I am sometimes blind. I sometimes gloss over the  bad things about them and amplify the good things. This usually leads to disappointment. When I love someone I put myself out there, become completely vulnerable, and trust, even though every experience in my life tells me not to. I don't want to go into relationships with fear. I want to be honest and open, and be myself. I want to "Love Fearlessly". The downside is that when that person  hurts you, it's devastating. I've experienced this more times than I'd like to admit, but no matter how many times, I've never lost hope for that kind of love that I've seen in movies or imagined since I was a little girl.  At this stage in my life, I've definitely had to let go of some of  The things that I thought that perfect love would be, because experience tells me that fairy tale love is just that, a fairytale. Love is not as easy as they make it look. Lol. I may be loving a little less fearlessly these days, but Ill never let go of that hope, because when you love someone, "hope springs eternal".

Thanks for reading my behind the blogger post. Please check out the posts from all of the great bloggers on the list below, and get to know us all.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

The Night Voyage by Daria Song Review

I'm so excited to tell you all about my newest adult coloring book. This book, The Night Voyage by Daria Song is unlike any other adult coloring book I've ever seen. This book takes you on a magical adventure starring a little girl and her cat. The illustrations I. This book are incredibly detailed and whimsical. You feel more like you're  illustrating the book as you color, instead of just scoring its pages. It's not just a collections of pretty pictures, but an actual storybook adventure.

The front cover is absolutely beautiful, as is every part of this book including the inside of the dust jacket. There's no space left uncovered in art. It's a sweet story, with cute characters. It even has a card in the back that you can cut out and send a friend. These pictures are not for the novice coloring fan. They have very small details. You will need very fine markers. When you're done, you will end up with a beautiful storybook, for your child or yourself.  This is truly a work of incredible artistry.Daria Song is an author and artist. She has a master's degree in fiber arts. She's exhibited her art at many galleries and museums throughout Asia. She has authored 2 other adult coloring books before this one.To find out more about this book and her others, and to get a book of your own, you can find it Here.

I received this book for free for my honest unbiased review.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

One Egg Frying Pan Review

This is a great little pan. Not only is it a high quality non stick pan, but it is just the right size to Cook something small for 1 person. You can use it for 1 or two eggs, a quick little sandwich, or any other thing you can think of. It's great not to have to dirty a large pan for a small job. 

The pan is really nice. It has a comfortable handle. It's got a very solid construction. It works very well. I had no sticking whatsoever. This makes it very easy to clean. I love the purple color the pan has. It heats up easily and cooks things perfectly. This would make a great housewarming gift. It's so useful especially for a single person.You can find this on Amazon Here.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Professional Ceramic Kitchen Knife Review

This is an excellent knife. I use it for everything. It is super sharp, so be careful, but that's why I love it. It will cut anything easily and precisely. It comes in a nice box with a sheath to keep it safe. It has a nice comfortable handle. It's great for chopping vegetables, meat, Fruit, or anything else.It is 8 inches long.It's made from ceramic. 

It is germ resistant and odor free which is great.  I use it daily. It's very strong and sharp. This would make a great housewarming or wedding gift. You can find this knife on Amazon Here.

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Happy Owl Handbag Review

I got this adorable bag for my little niece. It is so sweet. It is pink and gray with an adorable little owl face and a cute flower.It is crocheted into a tight weave, with strong handles. It is made very well. This is a durable bag, which is exactly what you need for a child. 

 I love the color scheme. This is perfect for playing dress up or to carry around. It's spacious inside.It's soft to the touch. This would make a great birthday gift. It's very cute. I love it.
You can find this on Amazon Here.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Dazzle Pure Artisan Soap Review

I love natural products. I was very happy to try a new natural soap from Dazzle Beauty store. This soap makes a great hand soap to use in your soap dish. Your guests will love it and so will you. You can also use it in the shower. The soap has a nice clean light scent. It leathers up nicely.

 My sensitive skin had no reaction to it. It's all natural and hypoallergenic. It's made from pure vegetable ingredients, with no dyes or perfumes. It leaves my skin feeling soft and doesn't dry it out. I really liked this natural soap. If you'd like to try this soap. You can check out the company's website Here.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blue Opal Drop Earrings Review.

These earrings are stunning. The simple drop design is elegant and perfect for any formal look. The star of the earring is a beautiful blue opal that is vivid and full of beautiful colors. It's surrounded by clear stones in a square shape.

 They also have clear stones running up the length. They are comfortable to wear, and stay securely in your ears.All of the stones are set securely. They are made very well. They are so beautiful with any outfit. They would even make a great wedding  earrings . They really sparkle and shine. You can find these on Amazon  Here.

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Hey Girl Relax Mask Treatments Review

First of all I love the fun playful packaging on these masks. They are appealing to any age group. 

My step daughter loves doing masks, so Ill be putting some in her stocking at Christmas. That's why it's so great that these come in single use packets. I can keep some for myself and give some to her. The masks are nice and rich, with a light scent. They make my skin feel refreshed, clean and soft. I love doing masks they make me feel like I'm at a spa. These are very beneficial to your skin. You get 8 single use packets so you can split them up and gift the. They'd be great for a slumber party. These didn't irritate my sensitive skin or dry it out. They contain green tea which is great for your skin. I really enjoyed these. You can find these on Amazon Here.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Modern Way to Cook by Anna Jones: Book Review

I'm so excited to tell you all about an awesome book I recently read. This is a new Vegetarian Cookbook , A Modern Way to Cook, by Anna Jones, is fantastic. It's set up in a unique way to save you time. For vegetarians with a busy schedule, this is a must have.

The book is sectioned off by time it takes to make the recipe. There's a circled time at the top of each page to make finding a recipe , by how much spare time you have , quick and easy. This is great. You can get quick healthy dinners on the table every night. The book is full of beautiful pictures, but one thing I wished was different is that each recipe doesn't have a picture, only some of them. I like to see how the recipe looks . The book covers equipment for quick cooking, most of which I have in my kitchen already. Each recipe has an ingredient list, detailed instructions,and description.The recipes range frombbreakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. One of my favorite things about the book is that it's filled with charts for making quick meals, like:
-10favorite omelet fillings
-At your desk salads
-Goodness Bowls
-20 minute stir fries
-Morning Smoothies
-Overnight Oats
-Flavor Boosts

These charts give you a list of components that make up the recipe and then a list of possible choices. It's a quick way to customize the recipe to your liking.
They also have several pages spread throughout the book with quick variations on some of your favorites. These include:
-10 simple baked potatoes
-5 one pan dinners
-quick fruit desserts

There's also a section is the book on investment cooking. The is comprised of recipes for things that you can make ahead of time to save you time on recipes throughout the week. These are things like nut butters, gronola , and homemade tofu. This book really has covered all the bases. It's recipes are flavorful and unique. I've been a vegetarian for 20 years. I'm always looking for new recipes, but vegetarian recipes can be time consuming and made with crazy hard to find ingredients. This book is the solution to my problem, with recipes like : Smoky root vegetable tacos with green Chile salsa, sweet potato lime and peanut soup, A grilled mushroom feast, and Honey almond and basil cheesecake. The author, Anna Jones is a cook, food writer and stylist. She worked with chef Jamie Oliver for many years. She lives in East London. You can find out more about her and get this book for yourself Here.

I received this book for free for my honest unbiased review.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Onite Light Socket Adapter Review

These are great. I live in an old house with no electrical outlets outside. There are so many times that I have to run an extension cord through a window to plug something in outside, weather it's for a radio, or a vacuum to clean my car, or anything else. 

With these, all I need is a light bulb socket. I have a porch light. I just screw one of these in like I would a bulb, and it not only still gives a spot for a bulb but also two electrical outlets. It's great. This comes with a 2 pack. They are easy to use. They work very well. They screw in easily and it's easy to plug in anything you need. This comes in handy for Christmas lights. I was very :happy to get these.You can find these on Amazon Here.

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Women's Evening Handbag Review

This is a fun bag for a wedding, or black tie affair. It's silver, with a metal loop handle and easy clasp. The front is decorate in rhinestones, in a flower and half circle pattern. It's very pretty. I found the rhinestones to look a little on the cheaper side, but in the evening this probably wouldn't show up. Without examining it closely you wouldn't notice.

 It is a fun sparkly bag. The inside is lined and it has a long chain that you can pull out and make it a shoulder bag. This is a nice little bag to dress up an outfit even more. It's perfect size to hold the essentials, like phone, money and a couple pieces of makeup. It closes securely and it's light weight. It will go with any color. Overall I liked it.You can find this bag on Amazon Here.

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Bella Vino Crystal Champagne Flutes Review

These glasses are made from beautiful light weight crystal. They look and feel very delicate, but they are sturdy and durable enough to go in the dishwasher. These look beautiful on display in your hutch and also in use. 

Weather it's for a wedding, or new years or a special occasion these glasses are the perfect set. The are sleek and elegant. They are a simple easy to hold design. I love the lightweight feel to them. These are very nice. They would make a beautiful wedding or housewarming gift.You can find this set on Amazon Here.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Litterbiotic Cat Litter Deodorizer Review

This deodorizer for my cats litter box was easy to use. I took away a star because there are no instructions, so I didn't know how much to use. I just shook some in and hoped for the best. The stuff has an odd smell close up, but I didn't notice that it was overpowering onece I put it in the box. It did seem to help to cut down on the smell of the litter box.

It doesn't add a heavy fragrance, but simply neutralizes the odors. The cats  didn't mind it. It's an all natural product so it's safe for my cats. Overall I thought it worked pretty well, but had I had some instructions it may have worked even better.You can find it on Amazon Here.

I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review.

Sagano All Natural Fridge Deoderizer Review

This is a great deodorizer for a cheap price. The best part about it is that it lasts 2 years. That is amazing. The main component in activated charcoal which attracts odors and bacteria and absorbs them. It's surrounded by a ventilated plastic case, which makes it easy to put anywhere. I used this in my refrigerator and I have not noticed any odors since.

 My refrigerator is fresh and clean, without adding any scent. It sits on the back of the shelf and you hardly notice it. It doesn't take up much space. It's safe, and it works well. It also takes care of mold. This is a great product and at this price you could get several and put them in several places in your home. I was very happy with this.You can find this on Amazon Here

I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review

Kraft Bags Review

These bags are amazingly versatile. The are solid white which means you can add a sticker with your logo or decorate any way you like. I do a lot of craft fairs and these make perfect bags for my customers purchases. It looks professional. They are sturdy and strong. 

They also make great gift bags. They could be used for favor bags at a wedding. Or really anything you can think of. They are safe to package food in, so they'd be great for a bake sale. The set comes with 110 high quality, strong bags. The handles are also very strong. They a good size close to your standard gift bag. This is an excellent set that will stock you up for a while.You can find these on Amazon Here.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Waterproof Bibs and Placemats Review

This is a really cute set.The material of the bibs and placemats is very easy to clean. The bibs are equipped with pouches that catch a lot of the falling food from messy babies, making it very convenient to just dump and rinse out when your baby is done eating.They bibs are in fun colors with adorable charactors and matching placemats. 

They are fun for baby and functional for mommy. They make cleanup a lot simpler. This would make a great baby shower gift. The material is safe and flexible. Which means storage is easy to. The bibs have simple snap closures, keeping them secure, and easy to use. I thought this was a great set that every mom will love.You can find this set on Amazon Here.

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Wyndham House 3 Peice Bath Towel Set Review

This is a nice towel set, with a large bath towel, a hand towel and a wash cloth. These are made well. They are durable. The towels are soft, but not very thick. I prefer my towels to be a bit more thick and fluffy. The bath towel is larger than the standard towel which I love.

 They are crisp white which is very nice looking. They withstand machine washing well and are still soft afterward. It's a lovely matching set that makes a great gift, or a great set to lay out for guests. I was happy with this set.You can find this towel set on Amazon Here.

I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review.