Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hello Blogging Universe!

Well, hello there, blog readers, friends, whoever's listening, no who knows? I guess I've decided to jump on the blog train...all aboard..or something clever. So what I intend for this blog to become is a random mish mash of my thoughts, ideas, product reviews, beauty advise or ideas, fun with makeup and hair,a showcase for my art, jewelry, and other hand made products, a brag book for the fabulous bargains I get....basically complete chaos, random, eclectic and fun..not unlike myself :) Who knows if anyone will be interested but, if not it's just my own enjoy!

      To kick it off I'm gonna start with my recent discovery of BirchBox. If you don't know what BirchBox is, let me explain. BirchBox is a monthly box you get delivered to your house filled with great new beauty samples that you can essentially try before you buy. It only costs $10 a month..such a deal! So of coarse this is right up my alley! I just happened to receive my first box today! So I thought I'd share what great stuff my first box had in it with ..well..anyone who decides to read we go.
       My first product was folle de joie eau de parfum...from joie...a very light earthy perfume...I like it. How great is it to try a new perfume without having to buy a bottle and decide it's not for you, especially considering the full sized bottle of this is $98. This might not be the usual kind of perfume I go for, but I'm kinda liking it.
        Next product in the box was Terranga Body Cream by TIOSSAN Dakar...This stuff is $38 per bottle. It's very rich , I love the feel of it after it's absorbed. I love the fact that it's animal cruelty free and full of antioxidants. It has a great sort of light organic smell to it, really nice.
         Product #3 is moisture shampoo and conditioner from Keratherapy...these are keratin infused professional products..can't wait to try them...I'll keep you updated on how they work.
         Product #4 is an Ivory Lace Highlighter from looks like I received a full sized product here...bonus! and this one goes for $18. this is a highlighting pencil that can be used on the browbone, blemishes, under eye circles, and even some facial contouring...sounds great all around. I will definitely get a lot of use out of this. 
         The 5th product I got was a great skinny minni liquid eyeliner from Eyeko London..this is great it is a liquid eyeliner in marker form, with a really fine tip.The full sized product is $16 . This seems like such a simple alternative to the normal liquid liner. I look forward to trying it ad I'll keep you updated.
          BirchBox also sent me a bonus gift of a full sized Mint Cookie Ghirardelli chocolate bar....this is a new flavor and oh wow is it yummy!Definately worth a try for the holodays :)

          So that's it for this months Birch Box....can't wait to try everything out and let you know how all of the products are...see you soon....Roberta